Christmas Temporary Holiday Site (THS) and AGM

The Christmas THS, COVID permitting, will now take place at Woodthorpe Leisure Park, Alford, Lincs from 3 – 8 December 2020.  We hope as many of you as possible will be able to attend.  The AGM, which was postponed from the Fakenham Rally in April, will now take place on the Saturday morning during this THS.
As the AGM was postponed the Committee temporarily co-opted some new Members. Three longserving Committee Members stood down: Ray Doust (Rally Coordinator) Stephen Axon (Secretary) and Simon Sutton (Membership Secretary). Brian Ward (Merchandising) and Toni Ward (Almoner) have sold their motorhome and are no longer with the club.  We would like to express our thanks to Ray, Stephen, Simon, Brian and Toni for all their hard work and loyalty during the last ten years and we hope to see them at our future rallies.  The following Members have been co-opted: Nicky Rutland (Secretary) James Rutland (Interim Rally Coordinator) and Julia Snell (Membership Secretary).  Dave Stent has agreed to take over responsibility for Merchandising and Peter and Hazel Randall have been co-opted as Members without portfolio but bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience of this club, other clubs and motorhoming in general. 
The other Officers on the Committee, Chairman and Treasurer, are re-elected annually. The current postholders Richard Hackett and Mike Snell have expressed their willingness to be re-elected.
All of the above posts will be proposed for election at the AGM. Further nominations for these posts should be sent to
The following Members will continue to be co-opted Members of the Committee for special expertise required: Sue Hackett – Webmaster, and Mary Newiss – Newsletter Editor.  Derek Green, Commercial Liaison, is not due for re-election but has expressed his willingness to continue as a Member of the Committee.
Richard Hackett

Covid-19 and Rallies

We are trying hard to maintain a rally programme whilst keeping within the guidelines of the government and its devolved administrations. We ask for your understanding and patience where rallies have to be cancelled, sometimes at short notice. Where rallies do go ahead please ensure that you follow any guidelines set by the government and the campsite. Please be respectful of others and stay safe.

Government Covid-19 Guidelines

Interim Rally Coordinators

The Committee is pleased to announce that James and Nicky Rutland have agreed to take on the roles of Interim Rally Coordinators until a more permanent replacement is found. We urge all members who enjoy rallying to think about helping the club and volunteering to take on this role.